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The Ultimate Guide On KRA PIN Registration Using ITax System

The Ultimate Guide on KRA PIN Registration Using iTax System

KRA PIN is very essential document to all Kenyans whom are looking for employment, applying for HELB loan, opening bank account for business and many others.
That’s why we have introduced a simple way to empower you to register your own KRA PIN. All you have to do is simply follow the instruction on the link below;

Photo Courtesy of KRA iTax

Enock Kiprono

Founder & Team Leader at

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  1. HI,My question is if it its possible for one to get a copy of a pin that got lost .please reply to me as soon as possible because someone needs it urgently.Thank you in advance.

  2. why have you disabled your internet services, i cannot remmit my returns on line. Please can you improve on it.

    1. Hi Musinai, Dealpoa is not in control of KRA internet services. is an online business that provides business registration services to Entrepreneurs. KRA has been experiencing some problems with their system and we’ve also been affected as a business.

  3. Please,I lost my PIN Copy .Is it possible to print the copy through KRA website which is always down?Please reply ASAP to enable me accomplish some issues.

  4. hi,
    i applied for my pin long ago when the KRA systems were still manual. recently, i went to a cyber to print a copy of that pin but was shocked to find that my old pin no is not in your online systems! despite the fact that ive been using it for the last ten years!. As a result, the cyber attendant issued me with a new online pin. what does this mean? that ive got two pins or is this a mistake? pls answer urgently needed.

  5. Hi, i’m also experiencing the same problem as Kipkemboi above, and i would like to ask when will the KRA systems be ok?

  6. Just applied pin forPatricia nduku waita Id no.11603455 but havent received password or anything in my email address 30 min now, deeply

  7. i lost my pin but i have the pin number,how can i process aduplicate????

  8. i have tried to apply for kra pin online but i was unable to access it since the data i have is inconsistent to that of kra. please help

    1. You will need to go to KRA Times Towers to get further assistance so they can check if your details are in their Database which is linked to Ministry of Immigration.

  9. am facing a lot of difficulties as i try to access my KRA pin. please assist since i need this pin urgently.ID NO IS 2552527

  10. Kindly advice on your site. I have tried to register for a new member but all in vain . This is now a weeks time since i started. kindly let your database
    Administrators attend the same problem

    1. You can be able to print the online version of your KRA PIN. You just need to login to KRA system in order to access it. You will need KRA PIN Number and password that you were given. Thanks

    1. Hello John, Dealpoa does not run or operate KRA system. We are simply service provider for individuals, entrepreneurs and investors! We will pass your remarks to KRA Customer Care. Thanks

  11. kra is taking too long to respond concerning my pin application yet am running out of time to apply for a helb loan

  12. I have been appliying for the kra registration but no responssible from your side not knowing what is on going in the process of my application please do the neccessary to all complying persons online.

    1. Hi Charles, we have already processed your KRA PIN 42 mins ago, kindly check you email for the response our team had sent you earlier. If you can’t seem to see it on your inbox, kindly check your junk/spam mail folder just incase the response could have gone there. Thanks for making an inquiry with Dealpoa

  13. What happened have applied for the PIN and it’s now 3 weeks and you have not communicated, what is not happening?

  14. What happened have applied for the PIN and it’s now 3 weeks and you have not communicated, what is not happening?

    1. Sorry to hear that. We are getting so many request from Kenyans for this service and hence we have a queue system that applies for first come first serve. Were you assisted eventually! If not, kindly provide us with your ID number so we can look into your application

    1. We are sorry to hear that. We usually get so much requests per day that sometimes we are not able to process all the requests on time. On behalf of Dealpoa Team, I would like to apologize for the inconvenience caused. Are you still in need of your KRA PIN or you have been able to have it registered elsewhere? We will be happy to assist you.

  15. I opened a kra pin last year in a cyber when it was urgently needed but unfortunately whenever i try to log in the reply is check whether the capslock is on. I also have my friend who has been trying to register for a kra pin in a cyber and whenever she tries to so she is being told that the data she entered is incorrect and yet its correct. So please help.

    1. In regards to your first issue, where you given password by the cyber? If not, kindly click here to reset your password using your KRA PIN Number & email address that was used to register your KRA PIN in the first place. Make sure your CAPS Lock is off when entering password.
      In regards to your second issue, you will need to ask your friend to go to KRA offices at Data Loading section/department with her ID number and they will correct the issue by updating the system with correct details. It should only take less than 5 mins. If she is in Nairobi, tell her to go on ground floor, KRA Times Tower. Hope that helps!
      Here is to your success in sorting out the issues! Good day

  16. itried to reg pin online without succes” what will be the case coz even cyber attandance tried without any anysucces kindly what would i do?

  17. please help me, am in U.S.A, and i dont have an id, can i apply with my passport, i really need it agently.
    thankx for your help.

  18. i lost my pin and i dont remember it my ID no 12763319 date of birth 22/5/1973 please assist to get another one

  19. I have severally tried to apply for my new PIN online but the response has been that the data I key in is not consistent with the data at KRA. what does this mean and what do I do since I need to urgently apply for HELB Loan?
    My details include: ID. No. 30911294
    DATE of Birth: 29/12/1993
    DISTRICT of Birth: Kisii Central

    1. You will need to carry out something called Data Loading at KRA. That will solve the issue. Where are you located now so we can give you directions to the nearest KRA office?

  20. I am trying to follow the steps on how to print my pin but the process is not going through. Is there any assistance or direction you can give me?

  21. Hi,
    I need to open a bank account this week at cbagroup.
    KRA pin certificate is one of the the requirements. Please help me
    obtain it online because I attempted to do so but failed. I’m
    encountering an error that begins “The data you have entered may be different from the information already…….”
    I’m aged 26 years and never paid tax before.
    Here is my personal information:
    ID number: 29238266
    Date of birth of applicant: 12/12/1987
    District of birth of applicant: Kakamega
    Year of birth of applicant: 1987

  22. am trying to register a friend to get kra pin but cannot find the tab for registration of new users, assist me please

  23. Hey, Iam trying to obtain a pin for an NGO, i fed the Company Certificate of Registration and the Date Business Commenced but when I try to validate, it does not go through, Assist please

  24. What is your date format when filling tax return? I keep getting the error message “please match the requested format”.

  25. Can one recover his/her kra pin if he/she happens to forget it and can not get it from the email address which one registered with through a mere i.d card card number online?

  26. I kindly ask for heilp. please i have applied for my KRA PIN two days ago, but my problem is that an error occured during downloading so i ave a pin number but the certificate never appeared. PLEASE HELP!

  27. I was applying for a KRA PIN however, they keep saying my ID has a PIN linked with it. I have never gotten a PIN and I don’t even have a job or anything. I am confused. I am importing a car and I was told I need a PIN

  28. I’m unable to proceed past the remarks section of registration because of this error “the entered date of birth is not consistent with records pulled from National Registration Bureau database National Registry”.

  29. Pls let me know how i can print kra pin certificate since i have pin number and its the old pin number when we were during application that time there was email. Pls help because i am stack.

  30. Hallow.Kindly help me sort out an issue with date of birth would you remind me of date and month in your system, I cannot complete form without those particulars.Password also is a challenge.

  31. I used the wrong email address when registering now an unable to get the password to complete the transaction. How can you assist me?

  32. i work in a registered SACCO under cooperative society.e would like to be guided on how to get the organization pin.Thank you. 0713183931

  33. plz am trying to retrieve my kra pin no and password and i can,t remember……..please help me remember is urgent please. my national id no ni 32940749

    1. For any email address changes request, you will need to go to KRA offices or iTax centers near you with your ID to proof you are the owner of that KRA PIN account and you will be able to get assistance on the changes.

  34. I have to hire a consultant who is a national of Uganda. He has no passport only his ID, how else can i register him for a PIN number so that relevant deductions can be made from his remuneration?

  35. Hi, i got my id card 2weeks ago but as i try to open an itax account they say id number not found…. how long does it take you to validate and upload an id number into your databases

  36. details entered for national id and date of birth are not consistent with records pulled from national registration bereau database.
    Plz help. Thanks

    1. Please note that we are not KRA. The only way to reverse that option is to write an email (, or a letter to KRA and deliver it to KRA offices at 14th Floor, Times Tower, Nairobi. The letter should request for VAT option to be removed and give reasons.

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