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Save Your Money On Business Name Search

5 Money Saving Tips On Business Name Search

Business Name Search can be a stressful process and expensive both in time & money that’s if you do it without the know-how. At, we love making things easier for entrepreneurs like you.

That’s why we have prepared the following tips that will save you money & time as you perform your Business Name Search.

#1 – Perform Several Name Search, Not Just One! 

We usually recommend entrepreneurs to suggest 2-3 business names that can be used for name search so that the chances of success is higher. It usually cost Ksh. 100 per name search and it takes 3 working days for the name search to be performed.

#2 – Time is Money!

In Business, time is money. We believe making things easier for entrepreneurs goes a long way in making the business successful, that’s why we have prepared this simple Business Name Search Template [Word Doc, 24KB] which you can use to perform the search for your company.

#3 – Learn From Other People Mistakes

Brandon Mull once said that ‘Smart people learn from their mistakes. But the real sharp ones learn from the mistakes of others.’

When we were registering our Holding company “Fenesi” at the Company Registry, we performed several name search to no avail and this was frustrating since we wanted to start business operations immediately. We spent so much money and time attempting to register the name “Fenesi” & “Fenesi Ltd.”, but it all got rejected. We came to learn that sometimes one-word searches have low probability to go through at the Company Registry. Avoid one-word business name especially if you are planning to register a sole proprietor.

#4 – Avoid Using Obvious Business Names

As you come up with ideas on naming your business, you need to avoid naming your company name from familiar names that you have seen in the street. Any business names that are similar to businesses that are already registered will be rejected by the Company Registry.

#5 – Naming Your Business

We know sometimes it can be tempting and easy to name your business based on someone else business name, however, this will cause you problems with the Registrar during the approval stages of your company registration. In order to save your money & time, just simply avoid taking this short-cut as it can be very stressful.

You can draw up a list things you love e.g. name of a place, fruit. For example, if you are planning to start a tours & travel business and you love offering your clients itinerary that bring “calm” into their busy lives. Then all you need to do is look up another word that can describe “calm”, in this case, “Serenity”. You can then name your business “Serenity Tours & Travel Limited”

You can also use a Language translator to translate your favourite words or names to create a unique touch. Make sure they are easy to pronounce & easy to remember.
If all of the above don’t bare any fruit, you can try using any Online Business Name Generator.

Now you know how to save money and time on a business name search, you can go ahead and find out how to register the name as the following legal entities;

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