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Ask Dealpoa: I do not have an ID what can I use to register for KRA PIN

QUESTION: I am Jane Kwamboka from Meru, is it possible for me to use my parent’s ID to get a PIN since I do not have an ID myself?

ANSWER: Kenyan citizens are required to obtain an ID before applying for KRA PIN. KRA won’t accept your parents PIN as a substitute. You won’t also be able to use your passport to register your KRA PIN as they only accept Kenyan ID.

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  1. Hi am born in kenya and moved in uk without ID I would like to apply my own Pin,What do i do as my circumstances can travel back kenya.

    1. We have looked for your application but can’t seem to find it. Which email address did you use to request for KRA PIN!

  2. hi, i have an id, and a kenyan citizen, but i am not a resident in kenya. How can i apply for a pin.

  3. Hi, I am a kenyan citizen with Passport but i do not have an ID yet. Can I apply with passport or what shall i do? please help me.

    1. Hello Aiman, it is possible to do registration with Passport but you need to check if your passport details are on KRA system. If it is not there, you will need to perform Data Loading at KRA offices first before proceeding further!

  4. hi how do i input my passport details in kra page for my registration using online technology

    1. You will need to go to KRA offices or iTax centre with your original ID and request them to change your email address on their system so you can receive it on your replacement email address.

  5. HI,I am a Kenyan citizen with a passport but haven’t yet gotten an I’d, I really need a Pin, what do I do?

  6. MessageHii kindly how can i apply for KRA pin as a foreigner and what are the requirements i need it urgently and soonest

  7. Hii as a foreigner how do i obtain a kra pin and whats the required documents? I need the pin Soonest

  8. is a copy of the birth certificate
    one of the documents needed during application of KRA Pin

  9. hello
    am a kenyan and i have my id
    am not working permanently but i need a pin
    do you have conditions for tax payment to people like me???
    please email me if you have

  10. Hi 18 years old and i completed form four last year. Is it possible for me to get a kra pin?

  11. Hi, am Stacy, a Kenyan citizen l would like to have a KRA pin inorder to have an insurance cover since am going for an attachment and its needed. I have a passport and applied for an ID but it has not yet been out. Its urgent please help me out.

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