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How To Get A CR-12 Letter For Your Business

CR-12 Letter is a document that contains the list of directors of a company and also indicates the names of the shareholders.

It is usually used by banks to verify the owners of the business and it is also required when applying for Government Tenders.

Requirements: You will need to have the following documents;

  • Copy of certificate of incorporation (for limited company only)
  • Business Name Certificate (for sole proprietor or partnership business)

Estimate Cost: Ksh. 2,500-5,000

Duration: up-to 2 weeks (depending on Company Registry workload)

We no longer offer this service!

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  1. how do i get a copy of my cr-12 document if i misplaced the original document

  2. how can i get the cr 12 i fill before i submit to sheria house.
    where can i download

  3. What form do you use to add shareholders to a registered private company and what information of the new shareholders is needed?

  4. I want a cr 12Certificate urgently before 27th it possible ?

  5. Please assist me on how I can get a CR12 for a sole proprietor kind of business.

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