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Change Company Name In Kenya

How To Change Company Name For Limited Company

Are you looking to change your limited company name? Well, changing of your company’s name can be done at any time after you have registered your company. If you have your original certificate of incorporation, then it is possible to change your company name.

Here is a guideline that will assist you through the process of changing your company name;

Step 1: Company minutes needs to be recorded to show that decision makers (company directors or shareholders) met and discussed the proposed company name change.

Step 2: Special resolutions from the company directors/shareholders is needed to show that the majority in the company agreed with the company name change.

Step 3: You will need to perform a new company name search to check the availability of the name you are looking to use as a replacement company name.

Step 4: Annual company returns need to be done in order to avoid Company Registrar from rejecting the company name change. The company returns needs to be up-to-date.

Step 5: Submission to the company registry the request for company name change. You will need to submit your certificate of incorporation and transfer deed to the Company Registry.

Step 6: Company Registry will process your request and it can take up-to 2 weeks before completion.

Step 7: Certificate of name change issued.

Duration: up to 7 working days (Depends on Company Registry workload)

Please note that the original registration details that you had used to register your company will remain the same such as the certificate of incorporation number, the date of registration etc.

Company registry will only give you a certificate which will confirm to you the company name change.

Once you have the certificate of the name change, you can take it to KRA so they can update their records to match the new name.

If you have an existing bank account on the previous company name, you will need to show the bank the new certificate of name change so they can update their records and issue you new checkbook (if any).

Here is to your success in changing your company name.

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    1. Sorry not sure we understand what you are asking for! Please clarify more details so we can assist you.

  1. Hi, i have already changed the name of my company but i have not yet received the certificate of incorporation. its been a year now since i received a certificate of change of name. What can i do to get the new certificate of incorporation for my company?
    thank you in advance.

    1. Hello Paul, Thanks for your inquiry, one year seems to be too long to wait for that. How did you make your application? Did you apply with Company registry or did you give to someone to do the application for you? The Company Name Change process usually takes 7-10 working days (depending on the Company Registry Workload)

  2. Hi, what is the process of changing a limited company’s directors? For example, one of the directors to transfer his shares to another director and a new transferee to come on board as a director.. Thanks

  3. Message
    I want to change my soleproprioter business name so I can operate it with new products, is it possible to do that and what are the steps to follow. also, what are the cost do they charge

  4. how do I change my name at the KRA after changing my name on my ID card

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