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How To Form A Limited Liability Company In Kenya

When starting a business in Kenya, one of the key legal obligation to operating your business is to have it registered a company.

There are some requirements that any entrepreneur planning to register their business under the Company Act. If you are an entrepreneur who is looking to register a private limited liability company, you will need to provide the following details;

  • Entrepreneur should propose names (preferably two) that must be reserved pending registration. (Tip: In order to have a high success rate and save money at the same time while searching for your business name, make sure your name is not general. For example; try using more than one letter word, like Dealpoa Enterprise Ltd. or Dealpoa Solutions Ltd.)
  • Purpose of the company that the entrepreneur wants to form. Have to be very specific not general. Describe everything you want to do. (For example; If you want to do fish farming, then you need to describe if you will be buying or selling them, rather than just stating “Agriculture”, that will be too general)
  • Names of fellow entrepreneurs who would like to form the company, at least one. Give their occupation and postal address. (Preferably photocopy of ID or Passport)
  • Registered Office of the Company. Please get the Land Reference Number (Plot No.) of the Building and Street Name, Road, Town
  • Amount of Nominal Share Capital and Division of Shares thereof. % of share holding. (For example if there are two entrepreneurs starting a business, they will need to decide on the ownership structure with share allocation like 60%-40% or 70%-30% or 90%-10%. Minimum share value is Kshs. 100,000
  • Proof of Identity Document of each company director. These documents are copy of ID, copy of KRA PIN Certificate and passport photo.

So, do you have a business idea and want to start it off, well you can have it registered as limited liability company today!

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    1. How long would it take to have a company registered after getting all info?

    2. Do I have to state my nominal share capital or the share holders ? What if I wanted to register a private limited company alone but not necessarily a sole proprietor do I still have to provide the same?

      1. Ruth, currently the president has signed the new Company Act to law but we are awaiting for Company Registry to enact it so that we can help our customers to register limited companies using just one single director. We will alert you once the enactment of the law is completed.

    3. I wish to form a liability company with two of my friends. They are operating a boarding school with a total of 58 students. How’re they are on a rented Land thus we agreed that I have a piece of land on which we can erect a school and work together as partners though I will not sell off the land thus it’s only for the business. Is it workable

    4. Hi. Can I register a company as a single director and is the minimum share capital

      1. Yes you can register as a single director. Minimum share capital for companies is Ksh. 100,000 (1,000 shares). Please note that share capital is not the amount you are expected to raise.
        We have sent you some information on your email to get you started with registration process as a single director.

    5. 1. How much does it cost to register a limited liability company?
      2. Is it amust that i should have a plot number to be registered?
      3. What are the requirements of registering and the procedure?

    6. Hey, I woud like to register a company…hosmuch does it cost? ?Please urgently get back to me

    7. once a limited liability company has been registered in one town is it possible to have branches all over the country under one certificate

    8. how much does it cost to register a private limited company in Kenya , and can it be registered under the ownership of one person?

    9. Are there any potential costs to selecting the highest possible nominal capital value, say 5, 000, 000, rather than the minimum 100, 000 amount? Will it entail extra charges/advantages? What would be the ideal value, or criteria for determining the appropriate value to quote?

    10. hello im David ans wanted to ask how long the whole registration process takes and how much you charge for the premium package.I need one registered by next week is it possible?kind regards

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