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How To Register A Sole Proprietorship Business In Kenya

For most aspiring entrepreneurs, starting a sole proprietor company is more ideal. It is easy to setup and requires less financial commitment.

In order to register a sole proprietorship company, an entrepreneur needs to meet the following requirements;

1. Name of Business – A name search needs to be performed first as part of the registration process.

2. Nature of business – You will need to come up with one specific nature of business e.g. Tours & Travel, Computer Repairs, Mobile Phone & Accessories Shop etc. General words such as “shop” or “retail”, trade” are not sufficient for Company Registry to proceed to register your business. You will need to avoid things like “General Supplies” which is popularly used but it will not be approved)

3. Address of the principal place of business – (Plot No., Section and Name of Street or Road, Name of Building) – For the plot number, please find the electricity bill or water bill of your business premises. If you don’t have a business premises, you can use your home residential plot number/land reference number for registration that’s if you are starting your business from home, but you will need to update the records at Company Registry once you have a Business Premises.

4. Postal Address – If you don’t have one, you can register your very own postal office box for Ksh. 2,500 at the nearest Postal Office or ask a family or friend to allow you to use their P.O. Box temporary for the application then later on update it.

5. Address of any other place of business (Branch Office under the above name) – Only applicable to businesses that are currently operating business in other counties or have other branches under the same business name.

6. Full Names of you and any other partners – Any person who has changed his name must give all former names, unless the change occurred before he attained the age of two years. For Sole Proprietor Business, it only requires 1 person. For Partnership Business, it only require minimum of 2 people and maximum of 20 people).

7. Nationality – You will require to enter your nationality as indicated on your identification e.g. Kenyan, German, British, American, Chinese, South African etc.

8. Age – Make sure you give your correct age based on your ID/Passport

9. Gender – Male (M) or Female (F).

10. Usual place of residence -Where you currently reside e.g. Nairobi, Nakuru, Kisumu, London, Paris, Hong Kong etc.

11. Other business occupation – You will need to enter your occupation e.g. engineer, farmer, hair stylist, web designer etc. If you don’t have one you can simply write either “Businessman” or “Businesswoman”.

12. Signature on the document (usually at the back page of the BN2 Form)

Duration: 2-3 weeks

That’s it, if you have the above information then you are now closer to meet the legal obligation to starting your business in Kenya.

We no longer offer sole proprietor business registration. We only carry out limited company registration.

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  1. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I really appreciate the information given above, its straight to the pint, i wish to start a sole proprietorship in kenya(Nairobi) in the soonest possible time and i wish to get in touch with you via my above email for more and official info.( thanks

    1. We currently do not offer sole proprietorship registration. We instead offer limited company registration.

  2. on the part of nature of business,if i specify computer sales as the nature of business and decide to open a chain of m-pesa shops ,will that be a breach of the law.

    1. It will depend on what type of business permit you will get with the county council since at that point they will ask you what type of business you are operating.

    1. Hello Jaqcue, Thanks for your inquiry. We no longer offer registration for Sole Proprietorship Business. Currently we only do Limited Company registration and also upgrading of Sole Proprietor to Limited Company.
      We recommend you to register your business at Huduma Center, as they are best positioned to assist you. You can visit their official website – to find out where the nearest Huduma Center is located in your area.
      Hope that helps!

  3. will you register one or there will be renewal each year & can you use email address instead of postal address

    1. Unfortunately, we do not offer sole proprietor registration at the moment. You will need to register your business at Huduma Center near you. As for the postal address, you will need to have one in order to register your business, emails won’t be accepted.

  4. Hello,assuming I want my business to be able to supply anything if I can’t submit general supplies under particulars, what should I fill in? Or I can say put office supplies and then use it to just supply anything anyway and take a permit that says general supplies….

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