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Replacing Certificate Of Incorporation

How To Replace Your Certificate of Incorporation for Limited Company

Losing any important document(s) can be stressful. Have you lost your certificate of incorporation for your company? 

Here is what you need to do to replace your certificate of incorporation, you’ll need to have the following;

  1. Name of company – you will need to list down the name of your existing company.
  2. Certificate number (CPR) – this can be found on the top left side of the certificate of incorporation. For example; CPR/1234
  3. Company Returns (up-to-date) – you will need to ensure that your company has made returns at the Company Registry. If you haven’t done, then you will need to have LR Number, postal address, road name and street name that can be used to make returns. There are some charges involved in this process.

You can then visit Company Registry to fill in the form for replacement of certificate with all the required information above.

Duration: Takes around 7 working days (depending on the company registry workload)

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