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Are you looking to register a postal address for your limited company? Well, you can apply for Postal Address through Postal Kenya.

It cost around Ksh. 4,500 (corporate) but you need to confirm with Posta Kenya to get accurate prices.


  • Fullnames
  • P.O. Box
  • Post Code
  • Town
  • Company Name
  • Physical address
  • Registration No (Certificate of Incorporation number)
  • Telephone
  • Mobile
  • E-mail
  • Gender
  • Identification No (National ID, Driving License, Passport)
  • Specific area of trade
  • Signature

Application Form

You can download the Application form, fill it and submit it to Posta office –

Remember that CORPORATE application includes limited companies, partnerships, business names, institutes of higher learning, Schools, Ministries, Parastatals, Hospitals, Banks, Societies, NGO’s Associations and or any other of such nature.

Posta cautions customers that an individual box that receives a lot of corporate mail the client will be given two months notice to change the box into a corporate one. If the client does not comply then PCK will conduct the revision status after the expiry of the said notice of 2 months

Renewal notification will be placed in the box before the expiration date. Renew it in time to avoid losing your box.

Here is to your success in opening a postal address for your company!

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