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Company Seals In Kenya

How To Secure Company Seal In Kenya

Company Seal is used for contracts, deeds, share certificates and most importantly for setting up subsidiary companies.

Requirements: All you need to do is provide them a photocopy of a certificate of incorporation (limited company or business registration certificate (sole proprietor or partnership business).

Cost: The price range is around Ksh. 3,000 (2-3 working days) – Ksh. 4,200 (1 working day) depends on the type of Seal Duration: It can take between 1-3 working days depending on how quick you want it. The quicker you want it the more expensive it will cost you.

Where: we recommend you visit any of Seal Honey Ltd shops. They offer professional services when it comes to Company Seal.

Here is to your success in getting Company Seal for your business!

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  1. When You Say Nominal Share Capital, Do You Mean Iam Suppose To be Having A Starting Capital Of sh 100,000 to be elligible for registration of a ltd company?

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