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Nairobi County City Hall

Step By Step Guide To Obtain Business Permit In Nairobi County

Single Business Permit is a crucial document if your business is looking to apply for Government Tender, borrowing a loan and many more. It is something that you just can’t do without.

Step 1: Application Form

A client who intends to apply for a new Single Business Permit (SBP) or to renew an existing one is required to obtain BR–1 form from Ward office.

Step 2: Visit to Business Premises

Fill and complete the form and return it to the Ward Licensing Officer who approves within a day upon his/her visit to the business premises to verify the type of business being carried out by the client.  In case of a renewal, a copy of previous year’s SBP shall be attached.

Step 3: Cost of Business Permit

Based on the information obtained by the inspection team, the Ward Licensing Officer shall determine the appropriate fee to be charged for the SBP as guided by the SBP fees and charges schedule.

Step 4: Approval of BR-1 Form

The Ward Licensing Officer shall recommend for issuance of the SBP by indicating the appropriate fee to be charged, stamping and signing the BR-1 form. The Ward Licensing Officer shall then refer the client to licensing main office at City Hall for further action

Step 5: Data Loading

At licensing main office, the application form is approved by the signatories before presenting to Data entry clerks for data capturing in the Single Business Permit database

Step 6: Invoice Issued

After capturing the data, an invoice/bill is generated.

Step 7: Payment

Once the client has been issued with an invoice he shall make payment to Cash Office and obtain original receipts.

Step 8: Signature

The client shall present the application form and the original receipt to the license Reception Desk officer who shall receive and record them in the register. The Reception Desk Officer shall then take the application forms to the SBP Printing Office for Printing of SBP. The Officer in charge SBP printing office shall print record and take the SBP to the signatories for final signature.

Step 9: Collection

Once signed by signatories, the Single Business Permit is received by Registry, where it is stamped again and taken to dispatch office for collection by the owner
Content Courtesy of City Council of Nairobi County

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  1. I want to know how to tell the difference between a fake business permit and a real single business permit

  2. I work in a financial institution where we fund business people in Nairobi and other major towns in Kenya. I would like to know how to identify a fake permit for Nairobi City County.

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