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Legal Compliance

Limited Company – To register a limited company in Kenya, you will need to have a minimum of 1 director. However, you can also have shareholders in the company.

CR-12 Letter – In order to apply for CR-12 letter, you will require to have a company letterhead requesting Company Registry to give you a letter that contains the list of directors in your registered company. You will also need to attach a copy of Certificate of Incorporation on your request.

It usually takes up to 2 weeks for them to process it. We don’t offer CR-12 service at the moment, maybe in the near future.

Access To Government Procurement Opportunities (AGPO) – If you are looking to apply for Government Tenders as a youth, women or persons with disability, then you will need to pre-qualify your company so you can be given AGPO Certificate that will help you to bid for tenders. Please note that this is only valid for Kenyan citizens who are either youth, women or persons with disability. You can visit AGPO official website for more information on how you can register.

If you need assistance with applying for this service, you can contact us.

Company Seal – It is used for contracts, deeds, share certificates and most importantly for setting up subsidiary companies. We currently don’t offer Company Seal as a service, but you can be able to get it with Seal Honey Ltd. Find out more information on cost, duration and where you can get company seal for your company.

National Construction Authority Compliance Certificate – If you are planning to carry on the business of a contractor in Kenya, you must apply for Compliance Certificate with NCA after you have registered your business entity.

Tax Compliance

KRA PIN (Individual) – To register a company in Kenya, you are required by the Government to have KRA PIN as an individual. KRA PIN can be registered through iTax system online. You will need to use your ID to acquire your PIN.
Unfortunately, we can’t be able to assist you since our business no longer offer that service. However, we have provided you with useful links that we hope it will help you on your registration for KRA PIN.

If you unable to apply for the KRA PIN by yourself, we would recommend you try Taskwetu who are specialized in registering KRA PIN for our customers.

KRA PIN (Limited Company) – If you are looking to register KRA PIN for Limited Company, you can follow this guide on how to apply for limited company PIN.

Tax Compliance Certificate (coming soon) – We currently don’t offer Tax Compliance Certificate registration service at the moment. However, here are some useful links that might help you through your application for Tax Compliance Certificate;

Licenses (coming soon)

Business Permit
Forex Trading License

Foreign Company (coming soon)

KRA PIN (Non-Resident) – If you are non-resident in Kenya, you will need to provide the following information for the KRA PIN to be registered.
1. Introduction letter from the company lawyer
2. Work permit
3. Letter from Keninvest
4. Passport Photocopy

KRA PIN (Foreign Limited Company) – Are you looking to register KRA PIN for Foreign Limited Company in Kenya? Well, you need to be aware that you are required to have Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) PIN for at least two (2) company directors in order to avoid problems when applying for your foreign company’s KRA PIN.
Learn more on KRA PIN for Foreign Company

Foreign Limited Company

Subsidiary Foreign Company

Investment License – Kenya Investment Authority

Alien ID – Ministry of Immigration

Work Permit – Department of Immigration Official Website

Protect Your Business (coming soon)

  • Trademark
  • Copyright – Kenya Copyright Board
  • Patent

Import/Export Procedures (coming soon)

Updated May 2015

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