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Limited Company

Start your Limited Company today and begin to trade in a couple of days. You are one click away! Order Now!

Upgrade Sole Proprietor

Ready to upgrade your Sole Proprietor to Limited Company? You have come to the right place. Order Now!

Upgrade Partnership

Want to upgrade from Partnership Business to Limited Company? Well, we can upgrade it for you. Order Now!

Foreign Company

Are you outside Kenya? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Five options on how to start your foreign company. Get Started Now!

Consultancy & Advise

Are you seeking advice for a problem that your business is facing? Feeling lost on how to get started? Get Help & Advice Today!

Private Coaching

A one-on-one Skype call with a Team Member for 60 minutes, Solve Your Biggest Problem and Map Out A Plan Of Action. Ready To Start!

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