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Personal Identification Number (PIN) is a number which identifies a person for purposes of transacting business with Kenya Revenue Authority, other Government agencies and service providers. It is processed by Domestic Tax Department. PIN is not a tax contrary to what some people think.
This is the most important document your company must obtain to do any business in Kenya. Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) PIN can be used to open a business bank account, perform tax returns on rental income, applying for Government tenders, purchase of land, buying and selling property and many other business transactions.

KRA PIN for Limited Company

Are you looking to register KRA PIN for your Limited Company? Here are some few articles that will guide you on how you can acquire it.

KRA PIN for Sole Proprietorship

When registering Sole Proprietorship, PIN is very essential document opening bank account, setting up ETR machine, applying for tax compliance certificate and many others.

KRA PIN for Individual

KRA PIN is very essential document to all Kenyans whom are looking for employment, applying for HELB loan and many others. Here are some of articles that we have created to help you register and print your PIN online.

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