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How To Apply For Single Entry Visa In Kenya

Single Entry Visa is meant for any person who is looking to enter Kenya to carry out business activities. The visa is valid for three (3) months only. Issued at a cost of $51 by the government.

To apply you will need, a copy of passport photo, a valid travelling document i.e passport or national ID Card. This will enable you to register for an eCitizen Account, which is the government’s new online portal for providing government services such as visa or land, passport and many others.

To complete a visa application form on eCitizen, you will need to fill in the traveller’s information, travel history, nationality and residency information. You will also be requested to provide supporting documents (such as itinerary, return ticket) and payment.

Application processing time can be up to 48 hours, to get visa application. However inadequately completed applications or lack of supporting documents might result in visa application being rejected.

Visa approval is given via email. You then print the e-visa from your email and show this at any entry point into Kenya where a visa stamp is then placed in your passport.

From time to time, the Department of Immigration can change the requirements and costs. So it is important that you check with them for accurate information.

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