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Why You Need Business Permit

In order to trade in business premises in Kenya, you are required by County Law to make remittance towards the county council of your business location. Failure to do that might cause interruption of business operations.
Single Business Permit is a crucial document if your business is looking to apply for Government Tender, borrowing a loan and many more. It is something that you just can’t do without.

Consequences of Non-Compliance

  • Arrest and prosecution.
  • Penalty of 3% per month compounded monthly from 1st April every year.

What You Need To Know

Business Permit is issued to businesses that operate within the jurisdiction of the specific county. There are 47 counties in Kenya. You need to find out which county you are on before proceeding further.
Business Permit charges varies with the type of business, size of  business premises, number of employees and the location of your business is situated.
The license is paid annually. For new businesses, application fee of Kshs. 200/= is paid
Any payment made from 1st April every year by businesses with existing accounts attracts a penalty of 3% per month compounded from the due date.
You are expected to display your Business Permit in a noticeable place in your business premise. This will help to show both the city/municipal council police and your customers that you have a license to operate your business. So don’t leave it at home!

Requirements Checklist

  • Copy of Identification Card or Passport (For foreigners, you will require to produce an Alien ID)
  • Single Business Permit application form
  • Copy of certificate of incorporation for Limited Company, or Business Registration Certificates for Sole Proprietorship or Partnership.
  • Copy of previous year’s permit for existing businesses – if you had previously applied for a permit, it will save you time during the renewal process if you take a copy to the council.

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