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The duration for registering a limited company varies based on how quick you avail your requirements and payment as well as the Company Registry workload. To avoid any delays we recommend that you prepare all your requirements in advance before the registration process begins.
Here is the breakdown of the estimated time-frame you requested;

i) Name search usually takes up to 2 working days.
ii) Preparation of Company Documents for signing takes up to 2 working days.
iii) The signing of company document by client takes up to 2 days or less depending on how quick the client can sign, scan, email the documents.
iv) Submitting signed documents to Registry takes 1 day depending on all information provided by the client is correct & up to date.

Company Registry usually takes 5-10 working days to process your company application before the certificate of incorporation is generated and signed by Company Registrar.
So in total, you are looking at around 10 working days (2 weeks) for the certificate of incorporation to be issued after you have submitted to us all your requirements to us. So the quicker you provide us with the requirements and payment, the quicker we can facilitate the entire registration process for you and get you ready to start trading.

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