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We understand that customers prefer flexibility and that’s why we have created this breakdown of how the Premium Plan Phases works;

Phase 1 

Deposit payment of 50% is required to be paid so we can start providing the following services;
Step 1: Name Search will be performed (if any) and Company documents will be prepared for your signing. After you have signed the documents, you will need to return it to us, or arrange for our delivery team to pick it up from you.
Step 2: Our hosting partner (Infoken) will secure your domain name and hosting based on your preferred choice .CO.KE or .COM.
Step 3: Our website partner company (Cherimoya) will start setting up your website template and upload the content you have sent to them.
Step 4: Our logo design team (Tepken) will start working on your logo and business card sample based on the requirements you have given them.
i) Dealpoa – Name Search, Documents Preparation for Signing
ii) Infoken – Domain & Hosting Purchase
iii) Cherimoya – Installing WordPress, Plugins & Template on Hosting, Create pages and upload available content
iv) Tepken – Design Logo & Business Card Sample

Phase 2

The remaining balance of 50% needs to be paid before the following services begins;
Step 1: Company documents will be taken for submission at Company Registry for processing. Once it has been processed, we will collect your certificate of incorporation, company PIN and other documents once it have been processed.
Step 2: Delivery of company documents will be schedule and dispatched to your preferred location so that you can be able to open your business bank account.
Step 3: Logo design, website and business card design will be in completion stage and once finished we will handover to you.
i) Dealpoa – Submit Registration Documents to Company Registry and Paying Government fees, Company KRA PIN Registration, Delivery of company document to client preferred destination.
ii) Cherimoya – Publishing Website & Submitting it to Search Engines
iii) Tepken – Logo Design and Business Card Design Revision & Completion
Hope that has explained how the instalment will work.

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