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Are you interested in registering a sole proprietorship business? Here is what you need to follow in order to setup your sole trader business.

Phase 1: Business Name

The first step to registering your sole proprietor is by securing your business name. There is one way you can go about performing your business name search to check its availability. See below;

eCitizen – you can perform your name search online through the government portal. This can be done in the comfort of your home or office. all you need to do is simply register for an account, or if you already have one, just log in and go to Attorney General portal and make your application for business name search.

Duration: 1-2 working day (Subject to eCitizen System)

Phase 2: Requirement Collection

You will be required to collect requirements that will be used to fill the Business Name Registration (BN/2 Form) Application. Here are some of the information you will need to fill out the form;

1. Business Name Suggestions – select your preferred business name based on the successful name search results
2. Nature of Business – For example real estate, road construction, business consultant, tours & travel.
3. Plot No./ Land Reference Number
4. Street Name
5. Town Name
6. Postal Address – For example P.O. Box 321-00200, Nairobi
7. Full names (As shown on ID or Passport)
8. Age – (in years)
9. Gender – (Male or Female)
10. Nationality
11. Usual Place of Residence
12. Other Business Occupation (optional)

Important: The Company Registry introduced new requirements for each applicant wanting to register a business to provide proof of identity documents as follows;

  1. Copy of ID/Passport
  2. Passport Photo
  3. Copy of KRA PIN Certificate

Phase 3: Company Registry Submission

You will need to login to your eCitizen account and fill the forms with all your information required. You will be required to pay for the registration fees of Ksh. 850 on the website.

Duration: 3-5 working days (Subject to eCitizen Workload)

Phase 4: Registration Certificate

Once the registration is approved, the certificate will be available for download at eCitizen platform. You can print it out and use your KRA PIN to open your business bank account.


We no longer offer registration for Sole Proprietorship Business services. Currently, we only do Limited Company Registration and also Upgrading of Sole Proprietor to Limited Company.

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