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For any business to looking to trade or do any business with Kenya Government, it requires a Tax Compliance Certificate in order to meet the minimum requirements for Government Tenders.
It is possible to do business with Government with a Sole Proprietor Business. But you will require a Tax Compliance Certificate for your Sole Proprietor Business. In order to acquire it, you will need to scan and attach the following information in the form below;

  • KRA Online Registered Pin Copy
  • Registration certificate for business name copy

PS: If you had a previous compliance certificate for your business, you will need to also submit that document as it will assist in the process.
You also need to ensure that all self assessment returns in respect of tax obligations registered for are submitted and all outstanding tax liabilities settled. What that means is that KRA can only issue Tax Compliance Certificate if your business makes Income Tax Returns every year. If your KRA PIN has VAT TAX obligation activate, then you are required to make returns on 20th of every month.
If you haven’t done that, it’s not the end of the world. Of course you will incur some penalties from KRA in which you will need to clear before you are issued a compliance certificate.

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