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5 Most Important Taxation Dates You Need To Know About

Here are some of the important dates that each entrepreneurs needs to know about and put on their diaries.

#1. PAYE Remittances

Date: 9th of every month.

#2. VAT Remittances

If your KRA PIN has been VAT TAX obligation enabled on it, then you are required by law to make returns. If you don’t make any sales on that given month, you can make nil returns. Failure to make any VAT returns, you will incur a whooping Ksh. 10,000 penalty for each month you missed on filling your returns. For example, if you forgot to make returns on September, October, November and December, then you will be fined Ksh. 40,000 for the 4 months.
Date: 20th of every month
Penalty: Ksh. 10,000 for each month you miss

#3. Income Tax Return

Every Sole proprietor or Individuals in Kenya are expected to make their income tax return every year. Failure to do so can incur some penalties and also affect Tax Compliance Certificate application in the future.
Date: Every June 30th (Deadline)
Penalty: Ksh. 1,500 for each year you miss

#4. Withholding VAT:

Date: Every Monday

#5. Turnover Tax (T.O.T)

Date: 20th day of the month following the end of every quarter

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  1. thnks for such an elaborate explanation,my brother the day registered his company as a soleproprieter dealing in general supply of food substance,my question is,how does he file his returns for the business to avoid evation since he is also employed by a local Indian businessman who remits his income tax.Secondly,how does his income tax file will look like,will it also include the name of his company?.Kindly enlighten me on this since am on the verge of registering my company and the information given by u will be vital even to my brother,Thanks in advance.

  2. registered a company last month how shall know how much am to pay after I start working

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