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5 Steps On How To Perform Your Business Name Search

Are you looking to find out whether the business name you want to use for your business idea exist?

Well you can be able to perform your very own name search using the following steps that will save you time and money.

Step 1: Write letter to Registrar of company to request for name search & List at least 3 potential names – Ksh. 100 per name

Step 2: Drop the business name search letter to Company Registry, near Sheria house. You will be required to pay at this point

Step 3: Pick search results after 2-3 days

Step 4: Sign the Blue A4 name search letter attached on search result form

Step 5: Use approved name search to register your Sole Proprietor or Partnership or Limited Company.

Here is to your success!

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  1. I registered a business name (BESKAB SERVICE) in the year 2013 and unfortunate upon searching the name it has been rejected or taken,I don’t understand but please advice

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