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Step By Step Guide To Reserve A Business Name

A Step By Step Guide To Reserve A Business Name

Before starting your business, it is essential to reserve a business name. Well, here is a step-by-step guide on how to begin the process of reserving your business name.

Step 1: Business Name Search Request

You will be required to begin by writing a letter to request for a business name search at The Company Registry. It is a simple letter request that will contain the business name suggestions that you would like them to inform you whether you can register it as a trading name. Don’t worry we have made your work simple, we have prepared a Business Name Search Letter Template that you can simply download and use. Download Business Name Search Letter Template [Word – 26KB]

Step 2: Deliver Letter to Company Registry

As soon as you finish with the letter request, you will need to take it to the Company Registry, near Sheria House, Harambee Avenue.

Step 3: Pay for Name Search

You will be required to make payment of the amount Ksh. 100 per name

Step 4: Processing of Business Name Search

Currently, It usually takes 2-3 days for the name search to be processed.

Step 5: Reserve A Business Name

Once you pick up your name search, you will be required to sign the blue form that will be attached to your application in order to activate the reservation of the business name for 30 Days.
Remember, if you feel like the 30 Days is not enough for you to register your business name. You can request for an extension for your business name for a longer period at the Company Registry in order to allow you more time to register or complete your company registration.

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