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Ask Dealpoa: How To Check KRA PIN Number Validity?

Question: A friend of mine recently found out that her pin number was invalid, how do I find out if my pin number is still functioning.


Answer: Kindly visit the KRA PIN Checker. You will be able to see a link which you can click in order to verify your KRA PIN. A pop up will appear where you will be required to enter the 11 digit KRA PIN Number in the input box. Once clicked, you will get a pop up window like shown below.

KRA PIN Checker

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  1. My I D 11325082
    Kindly advise me on pin number.
    I left my pin certificate at home but I need the number now to pay my insurance premiums.

  2. i lost my pin when my house burned down.i also like to confirm if the PAYE deduction every month is being
    forwarded to id.12882289.

  3. Can’t seem to find my pin can you help sending it my email address thank you

  4. i need to have my pin number urgently for medical matters pliz assist. thank you

  5. Please send me my Kra pin to my email
    My Id is 28233421

  6. hae ihave misplaced my kra pin number please ibeg u in jesus name send me please

    1. Hello Eugene, you will nedd to go to KRA offices or iTax centers with your ID for them to give you your KRA PIN number.

  7. I have checked the validity of my KRA PIN but its shows a blank page. What might be the reason? or is it that the pin is not valid? my pin P051557595B please check it for me

  8. Our Church PIN is P000606760A, yet when our staff register for itax, it shows that the number is registered with Machakos Nursing Home. What could be the problem? Please respond urgently cause this has inconvenienced us

  9. Dear Sir/madam, I write to seek your help please help me restore my kra pin which I misplaced,ID no.25255058,your help will be highly appreciated, thanks in advance God bless.

  10. hi,I have forgotten my kra pin number and I need to apply for a subsequent Helb loan,kindly help me,I will appreciate if u send it to me via email,,,please do help me,thank you

  11. hi,I have forgotten my kra pin number and I need to apply for a subsequent Helb loan,kindly help me,I will appreciate if u send it to me via email,,,please do help me,thank you,my id number is33535149

  12. please sent me my kra certificate.
    my id number 31520498

  13. Hi, have tried to check my pin validity but it gives a blank page kindly help my id no.23748883

  14. Hi! i request for an help that have fogoten my kra pin and I want to apply for help kindly help me ID No.34209888

  15. i lost my Pin Number when we moved house. Can you you assist me wiyh it my ID Number is 23840318

  16. iam kendi , i don’t remember my KRA pin .please send me my KRA pin

  17. Hallo
    I have forgotten my KRA pin number please kindly assist
    My id number is 8460303

  18. Hi? I have forgotten my KRA PIN number please help me get it through my email or sms…my ID number 31835712…thanks in advance

  19. Kindly send me my KRA pin no. through my email or phone no. my Id no. is 24139082

  20. I have forgotten my KRA pin and email associated with please help my id No 28390444….via sms my number 0711257884

  21. please send me my KRA pin to this number 0705345310.. I want to fill in my return

  22. i am Jacob odens i forgot my pin, kindly Send it to me via message. 0702856496 says:

    I forgot my pin kindly Send via message 0702856496

  23. Kindly send me my KRA PIN i cant find my certificate. ID Number 22279434

  24. please kindly send me my kra pin and chage for me the number to 0706845403 the one that ends wth 27 i cant access thanx

  25. forgot my pin… please help me recover it… id number 32730499

  26. I forgot my pin please and i need it urgently… assist please… id no. 32730499

  27. Forgot my pin please help recover it… send it to 0704232084 please… id 32730499

  28. Hi lost my pin number please send it to me my id number is 26126803

  29. I want to know my kra pin number my id nummber is 22665407 and my is 0720692272

  30. please can you help me trace my PIN number; my id 10405304

  31. i forgot my PIN. my Id no. is 11690115 Tel: 0735-779488

  32. please send my KRA pin….i have forgotteten
    My ID No. 35097343
    my phone no. 0740175833

  33. My id no. 29540673 and my phone no. 0727851325; have forgot my KRA PIN plz help

  34. Kingly send me my kra pin it got burnt in a house id:24023014,via sms.0723116463

  35. Please send me my pin, I misplaced and can’t remember, my ID No 22505488.

  36. please send me my kra pin number via sms
    phone no 0795631560
    id no 22233061

  37. Reuben Makuu cellphone 0716726781

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