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Company Registry Name Search System Experiencing Downtime

We would like to inform our clients that Company Registry is experiencing some technical issues with their system. It is taking longer than usual to get the search results for business names.
However we will try and fast track other phases of registration in order to avoid the process delayed.

We will update you more in this article shortly once we get more information from Company Registry.

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  1. i am grateful with what you are doing,however i have a question: if i want a company that is limited do i need to have about fifty people with me or i can ave my company alone,perhaps as it grows i can invite shareholders in my company?
    would be glad to hear

    1. Hello Caleb, if you are looking to register a limited company, you will need a minimum of just 2 people. You don’t need 50 people to start the limited company, only 2 people as shareholders. Hope that answers your question!

  2. i want to register a company that’s a company and an association using the same name. how do i go about this?

  3. Please Help!! I am trying to register our Employer’s PIN Cert in I.Tax, but the Password am giving have not been not accepted. Kindly advice me on this immediately via my email.

  4. hi! am hapy 4 you and i believe u are going 2 help me meet my desired dream. i have a dream to register a company limited of 3pple, so my 1st question ; if i decide to use lite plan wil i be allowed to operate my company fuly?, 2nd question, on payments, how much will i pay in each phase? 3rd question, the three pple wil they be directors as well as shareholders? i hope to get your response soon. thanks.

  5. can you assist in registering a security firm. if so what are the requirements?

  6. If i would like to start an enterprises what are the requirements please.

  7. halo mine is i gave somebody the job to register me with kra ,but till now he told me that i can not do companys returns.0721447517

  8. i registered my customer yesterday but i have not been sent an e-mail to confirm

  9. hello…
    i would like to register a limited company how do i go about.need your help

    1. Hello Limo, Please check your email. We have sent you information regarding registration for limited company as per your request.

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