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You Can Register Limited Company As A Single Director In Kenya

Local residents and foreigners will soon be able to register a limited company as a single director in Kenya.

Currently, to register a limited company, you require a minimum of 2 directors. But that is about to change based on the current Companies Bill 2014 which is being debated by the parliament.

According to Hon. Samuel Chepkong’a, Chairman – Justice & Legal Affairs Committee, you can now register a company as an individual as single director. You do not need to look for a partner to register the company. The current law inhibit one person to register a limited company.

During the debate that took place on the 9th July 2015, Hon. Tom Kajwang’ – MP, Ruaraka suggested that the new law should also help businesses that have an annual turnover of Ksh. 5 million or less to be not compelled to have a company secretary to perform company returns. You should be able to simply fill the returns as a director rather than hiring a company secretary.

However, if your company is generates more than Ksh. 5 Million annually, you will be required by law to acquire the services of a company secretary in order to make your company returns.

I believe this will attract more people in registering a limited company as it will be much more easy once this Bill sails through in the third reading before it becomes law.

It is commendable that the Kenyan Government is working hard to improve the environment for doing business.

I truly believe that Kenya is heading to the right direction in joining some of the developed countries who have made it very simple and easy for entrepreneurs to register their business within a short period and with less red tapes or bureaucracy.

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    This Post Has 38 Comments

    1. It needed to have been actualized many years ago. It will free some portion of Kenya (economically speaking!) to the poor majority (90%) who for long have been continually strangled by the retrogressive and “exclusivist” legislation.

    2. Hello,
      I’m in the process of initiating a waste collection company. how do I register it as a limited company and how much does it cost

      1. Thanks Linus for your comment. We have sent you an email on the registration process for your company. Our prices starts from Ksh. 20,000.

    3. Messag
      I am planning to register a company that will provide goods and offer services, is it possible to operate under one company name and how much does it cost to register.

      1. Hello Eliud, registration of limited company cost around Ksh. 20,000. We have sent you an email, please check your inbox or spam folder.

    4. I have a serious question:
      If foreigners register a limited company here in Kenya Must they have PIN Numbers? Should they apply for the work permit even if they do not reside in the country?

      1. To register a limited company, foreigners are not required to provide KRA PIN. However, to register KRA PIN for the company, the foreigner director(s) will need to have KRA PIN individually in order to apply for it. This means that they need to have Alien ID, Keninvest certificate and work permit if they are going to be operating their business in Kenya.

    5. Want to register a company that will be dealing with trenching and installation of fibre much for registering this

      1. Thanks James for your comment, we have sent you an email guideline on how we can assist you with registering your limited company.

    6. I so much want to register a Ltd Company, I’ll appreciate if you assist me with information regarding what I require or rather, the guidelines.

      1. Information has been sent to your email Gracita. Please check your inbox or spam folder and confirm to us.

    7. Hi,
      When exactly can we start registering
      a limited company as a single director?

    8. How much does it cost to register a single person company? And does it need MoU and AoA?

      1. Thanks Abbas for the comment. Currently the president has signed the new Company Act but we are awaiting for Company Registry to enact it so that we can help our customers to register limited companies using just one single director. We don’t know how much they will be charging for stamp duty and processing so we don’t know yet the total cost of registeration as a single director. But we will let you know once we have the information.

    9. Thanks for Your Immediate Respond. What do i need to register a company dealing with supply of goods?

    10. Kindly supply me with info on how i can register a company dealing with supply of good. Thanks in advance

    11. Advice me how to start a real estate management company. Thank you.

      1. Azael, we have sent you an email. Please check your inbox or spam folder and let us know. We will await your response.

    12. Can a registered self help group be listed as the sole shareholder of a limited liability company?
      If yes, can the group be listed as the sole director? Or are the group’s elected officials the directors of the company?

    13. i would like to start a business entity dealing with environmental solutions; Solid waste management, piping, trenching, drainage, irrigation, biogas technology (construction n installation) etc. kindly advice me on the type of business entity to register. Kindly let it be affordable am just a beginner and would seriously like one very soon. Thanks

    14. Hello, I have read your article and this is what I have been waiting. Has this bill been passed into law? I need to register a company as a single director as soon as the law is signed.
      Thank you,

      1. Yes the law has been passed and it is now operational. We can be able to register for you a limited company as a single/sole director.

    15. what is the procedure and cost for registering a Ltd company as a single director. please advice.

    16. I have 3 questions please
      1.Is it possible to register a limited company with a single director.
      2.Is secretary a must
      3.How much capital share do I need , because I want to deal with supplies

      1. Here is the response to your questions;
        1. Yes, it is possible to register a limited company as a single/sole director.
        2. You do not need a company secretary unless your company has above Ksh. 5 million Nominal Share Capital
        3. The minimum capital share for limited company is Ksh. 100,000. Please note that it doesn’t mean you need to raise Ksh. 100,000 to register a limited company.
        Hope we have answered your questions.

    17. Hi, I need to start an IT company, as the sole director and the employee for my company. Can you kindly help me out and the estimated cost for the whole process and any requirements that i may need to see me through.
      Good day

    18. Helloo there…. Help me with the requirements n cost to register a limited company as single director.

    19. What are the requirements to register a construction company limited as single director.? And the cost?
      Good day

    20. I would like to register to register a construction company ltd by shares. 499,999 nominal share capital.
      What do you require?

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