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Register A Construction Project With National Construction Authority

With high demand for housing in Kenya, Government has seen the importance of regulating the industry by setting up National Construction Authority which oversees the standards of construction and coordinates the construction industry development.

National Construction Authority requires all contractors or constructions companies to apply for Compliance Certificate before doing implementing any construction projects.

Here are the steps that National Construction Authority (NCA) requires all contractors to follow in order to register their construction project and make payment for the levy;

Step 1: You will need to fill the project registration form with all relevant information that is being requested.

Step 2: After filling the form, you will need to submit the form with signed contract document or letter of award or signed agreement form and BOQ summary.

Step 3: National Construction Authority will then process your application within one working day depending on its workload.

Step 4: The Levy Payment Notification Letter and the invoice will be issued to you.

Step 5: Once you make the payment towards the invoice, the Compliance Certificate will be issued to you.

Step 6: You can now proceed to start your construction project upon receiving your Compliance Certificate.

Please note that we do not offer this service at the moment.

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  2. thanks for your good work,bt there still many building have not registered with nca .within thika at nanasi estate(makongeni)other in kamenu ward and gatuanyaga ward.lets work together to make our buildings stadrand

  3. am working with plumbing company,i want to register to get my certificate as a Plumber individual.

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