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Tax Compliance In Kenya

How To Apply for Tax Compliance Certificate In Kenya

Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC) is one of the crucial documents required when applying for a Government Tender.

For AGPO applicants, you must have a tax compliance certificate in order to get approval by AGPO to apply for the 30% government tenders preserved for youth, women and person with disabilities.

Previously, Tax Compliance Certificate used to be applied manually by filling a form and submitting to KRA office.

Things seem to be changing at Kenya Revenue Authority, as most services are being migrated to the iTax system. To apply for Tax Compliance Certificate using the iTax system, here is what you need to have first;

  • Identification Card (ID) for the Applicants.
  • KRA PIN of partners/directors – all KRA PIN for individual owners, partners or directors are required to be uploaded on the iTax system first before making application for KRA
  • KRA PIN for Company – you will need to provide KRA PIN for your business if you are applying as a limited company.
  • Certificate of Incorporation (Limited Company) or Business registration certificate (Sole proprietor & partnership) – this will assist in filling details that will be requested such as date of when the business commenced

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to apply for your Tax Compliance Certificate;

Step 1: You will need to register your personal PIN to iTax system first. If successful, iTax system will email you an acknowledgment receipt first then followed by your KRA PIN number and password to access your profile in iTax website.

Step 2: Proceed to login to iTax system using your credentials that KRA has sent to you. Please make sure that the applicant is a business owner or a partner or a company director of the business entity that you are trying to apply for Tax Compliance Certificate.

Step 3: Once you have logged into your profile, you can select Tax Compliance option under the “E-Certificate” section.

Step 4: You will be required to state the reason for application for the tax Compliance Certificate. If you are applying for Government tender, then you will need to give that reason. After giving your reason, you can proceed to submit your application. If successful, KRA will email your Tax Compliance Certificate.

Duration of application: approximately 5 working days (depending on the iTax system).

Validity duration: Please note that Tax Compliance Certificate is valid for 12 months, and you will need to renew it yearly. KRA is currently intending to reduce the validity of the Tax Compliance Certificate from 12 months to 6 months. This will mean that you will need to renew your TCC after every 6 months.

We currently don’t offer Tax Compliance Certificate registration service at the moment, maybe in the future.

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  1. Lost my pin certificate,thus cant remember my no.n want to file my eturns b4 sunday plis help my id is 22252218

  2. Lost my pin certificate,thus cant remember my no.n want to file my returns b4 sunday plis help my id is 22252218

  3. I have just registered my business name (joskey electrical and computer services) but am not able get my tax compliance certificate,,,,,please help on how the certificate

    1. If the business is a sole proprietor, then that means you will need to apply for Tax Compliance as an individual since the sole proprietorship business shares the same KRA PIN as the owner of the business.

  4. i applied for kra compliance certificate recently online and kra did not encrypt application,what does it mean?reapply?

  5. I Urgently need to know the status of my Tax compliance certificate. I applied for the certificate three months ago and have not gotten any reply from you.

  6. I want to file VAT returns but I have Income Tax as the only Tax obligation.How do I add the VAT Obligation?

  7. Does it mean that at the moment I cannot apply for my Tax Compliance Certificate online? If i do it manually, how long will it take?

  8. we are Iranian company and we want to participate in a tender in Kenya ( sending EOI only ) . Is it required to provide Tax Compliance Certificate.
    Your prompt reply would be appreciated .

    1. All companies that are involved or planning to bid on tenders are required to have Tax Compliance Certificate

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